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Noah Who?
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Welcome! This is a comm for people who love Luke Snyder and Reid Oliver. We believe that Reid is a much better choice for Luke than Noah, and the name of our community reflects that. We share Henry Coleman's sentiment below: Noah who? It's all about Reid and Luke here!

In August 2011, we finished up a Luke/Reid rewatch and started a Luke Snyder Marathon reviewing all of Luke's pre-Noah days. Come join in the fun!

Luke: This is me realizing that, although yes we loved each other, we were not right for each other.
Noah: And you and Reid are?
Luke: Yes.


noah_who has moderated posting in order to thwart the spambots and to ensure all posts are on topic and follow the rules. It's our goal to encourage engaging content and to make the rules as clear and straightforward as possible. We realize these rules are very specific and detailed, but we believe that's the best way to avoid any misunderstandings. In the immortal words of Willow Rosenberg, a vague disclaimer is nobody's friend! *g*

If a post doesn't meet the rules, we'll let you know what changes you can make to resubmit. If you don't like our rules, that is a-okay! There are so many great places on the net to post LuRe content that doesn't fit here that we know you'll be able to find the right one for you! No comm can be all things to all people. :) But we hope this comm will continue to be a great deal of fun to a great number of people!

We're here to celebrate Luke and Reid and we need your help! So, bring us your best work, your news, and fic and vids, and your joyful (on topic) squee!

Please ensure you have read all the rules before posting, as we will strictly enforce them to keep the comm running smoothly.

Rules and General Information

List of fics and vids in our memories!

In 2010, we held a Luke and Noah rewatch in which we examined all of the ways that Luke and Noah were not right for each other from the very beginning.



In 2010 we held a fic and vid challenge called Douchefest 2010. Check out the masterlist for all the fics and vids showing how much better Reid is for Luke than Noah.

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