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02 August 2012 @ 09:05 pm
Title: Going For The Gold
Author: cindergal
Rating: PG13. I'm sorry. *g*
Characters/Pairing: Luke/Reid
Prompt: Skinny Dipping (wild card)
Summary: The prompt says it all. Inspired by hot summer nights and the Olympics.
Word Count: 1027
Disclaimer: God knows they don't belong to me. I would've been kinder.
A/N: Unbeta'd. As always, all mistakes are mine.
A/N 2: Written for LuRe Bingo!

Going For The Gold

Is it, Luke. Is it.

Luke remains the concerned and caring person that he is and is concerned about Jade's health. He's super overprotective for pregnant!Jade which just means that the overemphasis on pregnancy will be addressed in this episode, I'm sure. Or non-pregnancy. You know, tomato, tomahto. And Jade is super insistent on NOT calling Will, you know, so he doesn't find out anything. Aye.


Something about a virus that's going around...

Luke has an encounter with a doctor and all I can do is see into the future. *dreamysigh*

Oh, and the doctor tells Luke that Jade isn't pregnant.

I skipped all the Will and Gwen stuff. Sorry. But, it's in there if anyone's interested.

Angry!Luke comes out and it's hot. I won't lie. Jade insists she's pregnant. Sigh. No, she's not having Will's baby. Surprise.

What is with the 80s music that plays with these clips?Collapse )

Hi. Still super sick with a migraine. It's been...4? 5? days now? I don't know. 3? I don't remember. Too many. So, apologies for not writing up anything good. I'm going to be a butt and just c/p from the YouTube site. I know that's awful, but I just can't do it, guys. Sorry. :(

Lily comes home from the hospital and questions Holden and Lucinda about finding Rose's daughter Theresa. They learn it will take six months to get a court order to find her and Lily is upset. When Rose comes to Lily again in a vision, urging her to find Theresa, Holden leaves on a mission.


More behind this here cut.Collapse )
Hi, y'all! So, uh, I'm still here. Kind of. Busy writing books and having my brain eaten by Teen Wolf, omg, but hi! Here I am!

So, Lily wakes up and she doesn't remember that she had a baby. Poor Ethan, he's off to almost as rocky a start as Luke. And Lucinda comes in and calls her "pussy cat" which is adorable. I like it when they're mama/daughter like this. Lily meets her son and then the older girls come in to see their mother. Luke is terrified that his mom won't love him when she remembers that he's the reason she fell and that he's gay. Oh, Luke. :( I love you and your face.


The part where Lily finally stops sucking as a mother for a few minutes right behind this cut!!Collapse )
Luke tries to console Will while Jade tries to tell Gwen she's the one ending her marriage not Will, and that Jade would never leave Will no matter what.

Casey reappears and fires Jade! And says mean things to her! And the fandom applauds! :P

Will's still moaning, blah blah, blah. Luke tells Will that sex is this big, complicated thing, and that making mistakes in that area just means they're human. Luke's views on sex and love and relationships are so interesting. Mostly fucked up, but interesting. Also, Luke is such a good friend. ILU Luke!


More crazy Oakdale shenanigans under the cut!Collapse )
Apologies for the late post!

Luke is in the next episode but he doesn't have any lines, so I'm not going to do a recap. He does play an upcoming role in the Jade/Will drama though, so if you feel inclined to watch the episode, here are the links:


Bob concludes the memorial service, Will tries to get Gwen away before Jade spills the beans about her pregnancy, and Luke, looking handsome in his suit, offers Liv a tissue - gay cootie free!

Luke grills Jade about Will/Gwen and she tells Luke she's pregnant.


More crazy Oakdale shenanigans under the cut!Collapse )
17 July 2012 @ 12:53 pm

A Van sighting! Woohoo! He was at the AfterElton Hot 100 party in Hollywood tonight.

Holden tells his mother and sister about everything that happened when Luke came out to Kevin. Plus, oh yay! more Slasher crap!!! Is it just me, to does anyone else think the way Gwen is all insistent that Jade is the Slasher based on ZERO evidence is just incredibly annoying?

At least we find out who it is now (Maddie's sister, who is a complete whackadoodle, although I guess that's hardly surprising considering the fact that she just, you know, killed a whole bunch of people), which means it's almost over.


More behind the cutCollapse )
10 July 2012 @ 07:27 pm
Title: In These Small Hours
Author: cindergal
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairing: Luke/Reid
Summary: Our lives are made in these small hours...
Word Count: 2666
Disclaimer: Sadly, they don't belong to me.
A/N: This fic was written about a year ago (except for a few lines at the end), and I...forgot about it. I found it last night while organizing my unfinished fic folder. Oops.
A/N 2: This is for _alicesprings, and takes place in the same universe as the story I wrote for her for the Help Japan auction, Every Picture Tells a Story. It was originally written as part of a longer version of that fic, but ultimately didn't fit into the structure I chose to use for that story. You don't have to read that one to understand this one, though.
A/N 3: Title from "Little Wonders" by Rob Thomas
A/N 4: I have no idea why I keep writing baby fic, but I promise to stop! Soon! ;-)

In These Small Hours
10 July 2012 @ 09:51 pm
I'm sorry this is so late! Work and other RL stuff just got away with me.

Luke talks with Holden about how Kevin reacted when he came out. Also, a whole lot of Slasher crap.


More behind the cutCollapse )
After demonstrating How Not to Act in a Boat (and How Not to be a Friend), Kevin gets bonked on the head with an oar and tumbles into the drink. However, Kevin’s douchey idiocy actually saves Luke’s life, as Luke evades the slasher by diving in to save Kevin. Just think, if Luke had gotten killed here by...I think it was Maddie’s sister? But I cannot recall why she went all Jason Voorhees on young Oakdale. Anyway, imagine it! If Luke had been sliced and diced here, there would have never been a Reid Oliver! So thank you, Kevin. Thank you for being you.

Anywa, although he does CPR all wrong (he’s on TV, so it’s a requirement), Luke saves Kevin’s life.


The drama continues!Collapse )
You know what time it is? It’s time for Oakdale’s foray into a poor man’s Friday the 13th-esque slasher escapade! Good times, y’all. Good times. You’re probably wondering WTF I’m talking about, since this storyline has been going on elsewhere and Luke hasn’t been involved, but yeah, Luke’s teen angst bullshit is about to be accompanied by a hell of a body count. :D

Kevin, ever charming, tells Luke he's sure Luke will screw up everyone’s fun at the lake. Little does he know that’s the serial killer’s job! Jade convinces Luke to go and he says she should tell Will how she feels. At Crystal Raven Lake, Gwen is not pleased by Will or Jade’s presence. Just wait until she realizes there’s a murderous fiend on hand!


These kids are dramalamas!Collapse )
02 July 2012 @ 01:41 am

Gah, sorry this is so late. I was trying out the new scheduled feature of LJ and think I must''ve screwed it up hardcore so this'll be a short one.

Luke absolutely has my heart in this first one. He's just the sweet Luke that we all know him to be. He apologized to mommy and Grandma Emma suggests that Golden figure out a name for baby!


Sorry no embed! My tablet does't have that feature.

It takes until the next time they're on together to name the baby, Ethan! Holden plans the surprise christening and invites practically all of Oakdale with Luke as Ethan's godfather.


Adddddd finally, Holden convinces Luke to hang out with his friends again, chooses Jade as an option, and gets pulled into her shenanigans, again. Sigh. Oh, Luke.


30 June 2012 @ 09:03 am
Hi Everyone!

Not only have we started sign-ups, but now we have a brand spankin' new banner courtesy of the lovely sirenanne999! Come on over and take a look.

So far, we have 29 authors signed up. Last year - we had 43. I'd love to get to 30! If you're an author, and are unsure that you can do this, just remember - you have 4 months to complete this story. You can do it! And if you want to write a story, but don't have any ideas, there is a post for "Wayward Plot Bunnies". There are some great ideas in there.

As of today, we have also posted Artist and Beta sign-ups and important dates.

Without further ado - come and take a look at the new Big Bang site HERE!

Y'all, it is all cray cray up in here. Lucy inhaled a toxic substance! "If Luke's gone, he's gone." Thanks, Roundkick!Dusty. Your sympathy is just radiating from my computer monitor. :| :| :| :| :|

Damian and Luke have a little talk. Luke's... none too happy. Oh, yeah. He's on to Damian and his wanting to turn Luke straight ways. Um, uh-oh. Luke's a smart cookie. Damian sounds like the guy who wanted to toss him into the Straight Camp!

Damian: You can't understand what that means to me. You're not a father.
Luke: Neither are you.


Something happens with Lucinda. I'm not paying attention, sorry.

But, again, Luke puts everything together and blames Daddy Dearest for putting Mommy in the hospital.


More of the dramaz underneath the cut.Collapse )

Sadly, Dusty and Damian don't get physical. Damian just orders Dusty to leave then doesn't stick around long enough to see if he actually does. He doesn't. Instead, he goes down to the wine cellar and finds Lucy locked up but just as he's about to get her out a man appears behind him and presses a hard object into his back.


At Java, Jack, looking hot as ever, meets up with Holden of the Dreadful Hair and they try and figure out what to do about the Malta situation.

Back at Fairwinds, Luke arrives and Damian keeps being a manipulative, lying, terrible father. In the cellar, Goon Silvio gets Dusty locked up with Lucy, who Luke is trying to track down because she said she'd be there to say goodbye to him.


More shenanigans under the cut!Collapse )
We begin with Lucy in the hospital records room looking for Damian's medical files when everyone's favourite ninja, Dusty "Roundhouse Kick" Donovan, comes in and warns her a goon's following her. Said goon reports back to Damian. Dun dun dun!

Meanwhile, Holden and Luke argue about Luke going to Malta, so y'know, same old same old.


More crazy Oakdale shenanigans under the cut!Collapse )
17 June 2012 @ 07:33 pm
Title: The Natural
Author: cindergal
Rating: PG.
Characters/Pairing: Luke/Reid, Ethan, Katie, Jacob
Prompt: Ethan
Summary: "Look, like I told you, I don’t do things I’m not good at..."
Word Count: 2036
Warnings: There are kids in this fic. Two of them! And sports!
Disclaimer: Sadly, they don't belong to me
A/N: Written for LuRe bingo.

The Natural
Reid will, too, Damian!!!

Guys, guys, guys, I am so busy and so behind and I am sorry that I can't be amusing and long-winded and charming today. Sorry! I still love Luke and his face! His face, face, face! :D :D :D

Damian catches Lucy snooping for his medical records. Damian tells her to look at his records and she says that his records indicate that he's dying and he's getting all the treatment he can. Lucinda and Dusty talk about stuff. While Damian goes to see if Luke is awake still, Lucy calls someone and tells them that she's sure Damian's faking it because his records are too textbook. Damian says Luke is sleeping like an angel. N'awwwww. And then he and Lucy go out somewhere. Lucinda and Lucy fight again, and Damian says that he adores Lucinda. Everyone should adore Lucinda! Damian isn't all bad, y'all. I mean, he loves Luke a lot and thinks Lucinda is the bomb.


More drama behind the cut!Collapse )
Oh my God, y'all, Luke is so pretty. And holy smokes I've been so busy lately with a new project at work and a book (or several) coming out soon that I've not been keeping up with fandom at all. Gosh, Luke. I've missed your face. And your hair. And your FACE!

Now, where were we? Oh. Okay.

Lucy tries to convince Luke to let her look at Damian, but Luke says no, and he's going to go to Malta to be with Damian during his death.

Then we go to the coffee shop where Jade, who sounds like she's got a cold, asks Luke about his mother and asks him to tell her if there is a change in Lily. Jade is appalled that Luke is going to leave his sick mother to go with his father to Malta. Damian appears and puts a stop to that conversation.

Holden and Lucy talk about Luke, and Lucy breaks her word and tells Holden that she feels sure that Damian is lying to Lucy. Holden says, "I don't quit on my kids, Lucy, and Damian's gonna learn that the hard way." (He sure seemed to quit on Luke at the point when he said he had three kids with Lily, but whatever.)

Luke runs off Jade and tells Damian that he's sad because he just said goodbye to his mother, and Damian tells him not to worry that Luke can come back. Damian says, "Soon we'll be on our way." Luke is upset and says that no matter what he chooses, he'll be saying goodbye to someone he loves.

Holden wants to prove that Damian is a liar.


More of the drama llamas behind the cut!Collapse )