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Beta Volunteers Needed! Sign Up Post!

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Everyone here at noah_who wants the stories and vids posted for this challenge to be the best they can be, and we know the authors and vidders do, too! We also know that we've got over a hundred members of this community (can I get a woot, woot! WOOT, WOOT!!) and only about half of them have signed up to write fic or make a vid! We also know that everyone wants to partayyyy, and so we thought, "Hey! You know what all of this means when you throw it in a pot and stir it???" That's right, bbs!!!


Do you know what makes Luke look like this?

Being written out of character! Or being trapped in a fic that's riddled with typos! Or being in a vid that accidentally makes Noah look like a hero instead of a douche!!

Do you know what makes Johnny Weir -- the adorable Olympic figure skater who has nothing at all to do with this community, but I liked the gif, okay? -- look like this?

Vids that make his eyes bleed from over-processing and strobe-effect! Or stories where the anal sex is physically impossible, or the prostate is located in some bizarre place where it's not actually located at all!

Admittedly, sometimes, things like that also make Johnny Weir look like this:

And that's damn adorable, but none of us want anyone to be laughing because of the typos in our story, do we? No! Or because our vid doesn't flow or tell the story we thought it did? Of course not!

The cool thing is, Writers and Vidders, you no longer need to worry about that! Because there are people here who can SAVE THE DAMN DAY!!!!


And that's where you all come in! Please, for the love all of that is holy, those of you who feel capable of providing story or vid beta services, please sign up below! So that Luke can look like this:

Or like this:

Because he's so thrilled to be in a typo-free, in-character, happy-making story or vid where he finally gets that Noah's a douche and Reid makes him so damn happy!

To sum up:


A fic beta is expected to be able to help with characterization, grammar, story flow, plot issues, logistics and logic, and typos. For example, if someone writes a story where Luke is working at a gas station, a beta reader might question what happened to his fortune, why he's working there of all places, and also look out for grammar and typos.

A vid beta is usually expected to give opinions on effects used, story flow, whether or not the vid says what the vidder is wanting it to say, and glitches. Commentary on the music chosen, in the case of a song fanvid, is not necessary, though the vidder should understand that if a beta does not like the song, they may not be able to fully help as a beta, and in that case another should be sought.

Please reply below and let us know if you're willing to beta for fic, vids, or both. Also, please leave your contact details; for example, do you wish to be contacted via a comment on the post, or by a PM, or at your email address?

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