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Luke = Love

So, guys, I have this deep, dark, painful secret. I've been carrying it around like a burden on my heart for far too long. I'm now going to reveal it to you. I'm sure it's a surprise, and I hope you can cope with it, and not die from shock. But...well, the the thing is....

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So. So. So. So. So. Much. And rumor has it that you do, too! And I think we should all talk about it in the comments, okay? Share our burden. Discuss the deep, abiding, giddy-making love that Luke brings to us with his FACE!!! HIS FACE!!!!!!!


Hit me hard with Luke Love, okay? And don't just make it all during the Reid storyline, though, yeah, we gotta love that the most, right? But let's also love Luke during his coming out! Let's talk about how much we love the crazy mofo Luke who almost cut his own kidney out of his side! Let's talk about how we adore the loyal Luke who talks about his Aunt Rose calling him Luciano! Let's talk about Luke and Bad Dad's relationship, and the massive amounts of Luke Love shown during that run! And baby Luke who was called Badger, and toddler Luke who was a ring bearer, and Luke the alcoholic ass! And LUKE LUKE LUKE WHO IS MADE OF SO MUCH GOODNESS!

Tell me all about him! Support your comments with pictures, clips, and memories of good Luke times!

Ready. Set. Go!
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