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"Nothing happened between us the other day."


It's time to take it up a notch for The World's Greatest Doctor and Richie Rich. But first, Good Dad comes by but I don't want to give him that nickname right now because he says that Luke and Noah may get back together someday because they have so much ~history~ and they can also be in a dysfunctional relationship for the rest of their lives just like Holden and Lily! No, Holden. No.

Luke says that the breakup surprised him but that things were headed that way for a while and they can't be in a relationship if Noah's blind for the rest of his life. I think that Luke meant it'd be difficult being in a relationship if Noah's blind because Noah will continue to blame him for causing his accident and will continue to push him away. I think I translated that correctly.

Holden says that maybe Noah won't be blind and Luke says, and I quote, "And it all depends on a doctor who hates my guts."


Cut to Reid and Dr. Bob. Bromance for life. Reid's gonna get a bagel before work and Dr. Bob tells him that his plans for the neurowing are ambitious. Reid shrugs his shoulders and basically says, "Find da money, old man." Bob shows him everything that he's crossed off his proposal and Reid stomps away.

Reid runs into his bestie outside of Al's and Katie asks him if he knows anyone who has millions of dollars. Reid reluctantly replies that he does.

Begin one of the most hilarious exchanges! Reid finds Luke at Java and he's nice to him. Luke is immediately suspicious of this behavior. Reid gives in pretty easily the way that he'll always give in to Luke and says that he needs money for the hospital. And Luke thinks that it's so typical that he'll ask for money without even acknowledging what happened between them the other day. Reid says that nothing happened between them referring to their RED HOT ELECTRIC PUSH AND SHOVE MOMENT in gif form below:

Luke gives a nervous ear scratch (WHICH IS SO ADORB) and actually means the whole ... Mr. Judd punching Reid thing to which Reid replies, "Oh, that." YES, THAT. NOT ALL THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN YOU GUYS. Reid says it's none of his beeswax and stomps off. Reid's doing a lot of stomping today.

Afterward, Luke heads to the Lilypad and Lily's informed by her son that her daughter, Faith, is probably still on drugs. Can these parents only focus on one kid at a time or something?

Dr. Bob and Reid have a chat and Bob tells Reid that there are other things in life than work like "friends and family and finding a home" and Bob says something v. foreshadowing, "Maybe someday somebody will come along to change your mind about all that." I need fic in which Reid remembers this convo. Someone get on this!

Back to Lily, Holden, Luke, and the new Faith Remains A Drug Addict line. Holden's pretty much like, "Thank you son for the information buh-bye now." Luke's off to talk to Reid.

Luke gets the money and demands to be part of the project. Condition 1: Don't tell Noah. Condition 2: He wants a seat on the board. They shake hands to seal the deal but I think that we all know that they could've sealed the deal in a different way. :D Luke also gets in a good amount of eyefucking before the show's over. \o/

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