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A BIG thank you to everyone who submitted a fic or vid to the challenge! We had a total of 53 entries, which is a fantastic effort!

We ask that you don't repost your actual fic or vids in your own LJs until January 3rd (for the first round), and January 13th for the second. This way, noah_who is the exclusive archive for all these great new stories and vids for two weeks. Of course we all will be pimping the fic and vids far and wide in our LJs and on message boards and the like, but please just include a link back here to the comm. Once your fic or vid is posted here in the comm, just cut and paste the link to that post and start spreading the word.

And don't forget, track your entry so that you'll receive comments!

Listings. Fic by _alicesprings

Surprises. Fic by _alicesprings

Weddings, Trains and Cyndi Lauper. Fic by _alicesprings

Luke and Reid Do L.A.. Fic by _alicesprings

King of Anything. Vid by amelialourdes

Better Than Before. Fic by amelialourdes

All Grown Up. Fic by amelialourdes

Slut. Fic by astrolatryae

A New Light. Fic by bigboobedcanuck

Where the Love Light Gleams. Fic by bigboobedcanuck

Goodbye to Hollywood. Fic by bigboobedcanuck

A Conversation Between Reid and Holden. Fic by bluemagicrose

I Believe You. Fic by bluemagicrose

Who do you think you are?. Vid by broncotvgirl

Never Leave. Fic by cas74

Even Dorks Do Good. Fic by csigeekfan

I Object. Fic by eimeark

Noah Who. Vid by fatherbananas

Ringo, the Christmas Starr. Fic by fatherbananas

Pulp. Fic by fatherbananas

Sovereignty. Vid by fenlings

My Hate Letter to Noah Mayer (Or Just Say No to Noah). Vid by gwennylou

Strapped to a Wheel (yet they shall not break). Fic by heniki

Last Christmas. Fic by hugocabret

Gathering the Evidence. Fic by loveoresteia

Acrostic. Fic by lucsmum

Reason For Dismissal. Fic by magicbus77

Camp Queer. Fic by marsabi

Not That Guy. Fic by murgy31

Amnesia and Realizations. And Maple-Glazed Turkey. Fic by nancygrew

Don't Let Me Get Me. Vid by nickershnick25

You. Fic by passionate_hope

Role Playing Games. Fic by peggin

The Christmas Gift. Fic by peggin

FURB. Vid by pbghgirl

Five Holiday Scenarios: 1 – A Full-Hearted Grinch in Whoville. Fic by rhiannonhero

Five Holiday Scenarios: 2 – High Heels, Mistletoe, and Surgical Stitches. Fic by rhiannonhero

Five Holiday Scenarios: 3 - A Star Above That Looks Like A Lot Like Love (On Top Of The Christmas Tree). Fic by rhiannonhero

Five Holiday Scenarios: 4 – Love Came Down At Christmas. Fic by rhiannonhero

Five Holiday Scenarios: 5 - Ring Out The Old, Ring In The New. Fic by rhiannonhero

The Fight. Fic by rhiannonhero

Twenty Three Lifts From Al Wadi. Fic by rhiannonhero

Playing Doctor (Five Times Luke & Reid Have Sex In Risky Places -- 4/5). Fic by rhiannonhero

The Man Luke Loves. Fic by rhiannonhero

Not Meant To Be. Vid by sirenanne999

Since You Been Gone. Vid by slayerkitty

The Luke and Noah Plan. Fic by sleeper6

I'm Still Here. Vid by sripley

King of Anything. Vid by sripley

Touch. Fic by teranee

Pulling No Punches. Fic by thefigtree

Noah Who? Part One: Oh the hypocricy! Vid by thesicko1012

When They Met. Fic by vallie82 and bhumimak

On behalf of all the mods, thanks to everyone who made this community such a fun place to be. Hope you'll join us for the Luke/Reid rewatch coming soon.

Happy new year, everyone!

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