Still want him in your pack? (_alicesprings) wrote in noah_who,
Still want him in your pack?

Part One Hundred and Five: "You lying, conniving, vicious, backstabbing, homewrecking..."

So sorry, guys. I don't have time to do write-ups today so Imma be lazy and copy paste the YouTube descriptors. Forgive me?

Upon hearing the details about what's been going on at home, Jade wants to concentrate on her family. Luke senses, accurately, that Jade isn't ready to let her animosity against Maddie, Gwen and Will go. Later, Barbara corners Jade and tells her that if she utters a word about Adam, she will kill her.

Jade, angry off her encounter with Barbara, confronts Gwen and Will. Will and Gwen try to talk Jade down from spilling their secret. Later, Jade gets an idea when she sees a Luke doppelgänger. Jade secretly takes a picture of Gwen. She posts Gwens picture online and offers money to anyone who can play her twin.

Luke and Jade are about to go to the mall when Jade changes their plans: She's going to meet Cleo in Old Town.

Luke and Jade go to Crash and find out that Gwen is performing. Cleo's also at Crash to meet Gwen.
Tags: crazy oakdale shenanigans, jade is still here, luke snyder marathon, luke's hair makes baby jesus cry
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