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Part One Hundred and One: "Wedding's aren't our best events."

We continue with As Jade's World Turns, and we also get the pleasure of Paul and Nut!Meg's wedding. A match made in heaven, folks! But Will and Gwen are on hand, and I always enjoyed Jesse Sofer as Will. He's a cutie. Blah, blah, Jade/Adam-related drama, Paul/Meg/Emily drama. There are some cute Faith/Luke moments, though.

Feliz navidad! Real!Faith spies Holden and his blonde floozie and is suitably traumatized. Luke, desperately in need of a haircut, is shocked to hear from Jade that she's spotted Holden with another woman, too. Of course we know it's all innocent. Faith takes off on her new horse in true drama queen fashion. A Snyder through and through, that girl!


As per the usual, Luke (resplendent in -- wait for it! -- stripes) blames himself for Faith's disappearing act. Blah, blah, Faith is fine in the end, of course. Then there's lots of happy Holden and Lily. Enjoy it while you can, you crazy, dysfunctional kids.


Should old acquaintance be forgot...that's right, it's time to ring in another new year in Oakdale. The lovely Zach Roerig from Vampire Diaries shows up as Casey Hughes, currently suffering from a gambling addiction. Oh, Casey. It was always something! Aussie hottie Simon pines over Carly and WHERE IS LUKE?? He finally shows up to deal with a moody Faith while Holden and Lily show off their new dance moves. Hey, there's Maddie! And I think that's another new Adam. Wow, Matthew Morrison really didn't last long in Oakdale. In retrospect, a very good career move!


Tags: crazy oakdale shenanigans, good dad is kinda good after all, jade is still here, katie is banana to reid's peanut butter, luke puts on his big boy pants, luke snyder marathon, luke's hair makes baby jesus cry, other oakdale ppl, too many snyder siblings
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