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Part One Hundred: "It's Thanksgiving -- you're supposed to be grateful."

Well, Lily, we do always enjoy the holidays down on the farm, especially as we imagine Reid stuffing his face and pumpkin pie and dispatching the famous hubbard squash in most manly fashion. (Yay for fanfic!)

One thing we are not grateful for is Jade's continued domination of Luke's storyline. I will say for Jade here is that her hair looks terrific. That's about the extent of my interest, sadly. Blah, blah, Jade. Lily and Lucinda understandably give her a hard time as usual, and Luke sticks up for her as usual. Then Matthew Morrison, lacking all his usual powers of charm due to his tragically shorn locks, shows up to attempt a sexy door lean.


Post door-lean, Matthew Morrison and Jade say goodbye. Luke does us a solid and makes a cameo appearance in As Jade's World Turns.


At the Lakeview, there's some stupidity with Jade spotting a blonde she saw earlier with Holden. She and Luke return home right when Lily discovers lipstick on Holden's shirt. Well, Holden has proven himself to be a cheating cheater who cheats over the years, so her suspicion is warranted. Jade covers for Holden but then corners him.


Then it's time for Thanksgiving at the farm, and the family is out in all their dystunctional glory. Luke takes a break from talking Jade off the ledge to calming Lucy down over something none of us care about. Oh, Luke. You're a good egg.


Tags: crazy oakdale shenanigans, good dad is kinda bad, good dad is kinda good after all, jade is still here, lily is not the mother of the year, lucinda rocks!, luke snyder marathon, luke's hair makes baby jesus cry, not the parents of the year, other oakdale ppl
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