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Part Ninety-Seven: "What was she doing at the library this hour?"

This library gets people into trouble. I'm tellin' ya.

There was a whole lot of chatting here. Long story short, Jade's actually Luke's cousin! She is for real Rose's daughter. Too bad she slammed her head somewhere in the library and it's so dark that we didn't actually see it happen. She and Gwen had a bit of a... disagreement. Let's put it that way. You know, in the closed library.

Back to the hospital with Jade.

Ruh-oh. Will and Gwen find out she's not preggers!

From the YouTube description:

At the hospital, Will and Gwen learn that Jade was never pregnant and then we see Lucy and other doctors rush into help Jade who needs emergency surgery. A visibly angry Will is concerned for Jade, but wants to talk to her and find out why she lied about being pregnant.

Gwen is convinced that Jade lied because she knew it was the one thing she could never give Will, a baby of their own. Gwen and Will leave the hospital and go to Java to talk. Once there, Gwen tells Will that she thinks that Jade faked her accident.

Will sees Luke and is convinced he may have the answers to everything that has been going on with Jade. A suspicious Holden believes Jade may be setting Lily up again and asks Lucy to compare Jade and Lily's medical records to see if Jade could be Rose's child.

Lucy later confirms to Lily and Holden that Jade is most likely Rose's daughter.

Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

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