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Still want him in your pack?

Auction for Japan Tsunami/Earthquake Relief

As many of you know, Japan is currently being devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami.

To raise money for relief in Japan, we're hosting a LuRe fanfic/fanart auction, similar to the recent Queensland flood auction.

Authors or artists willing to offer their services, please leave a comment at this post. Provide your contact information, what you'd be willing/not willing to write, etc.

Anyone who would like to bid, please do so by 11:59/midnight US Eastern time on Monday, March 21.

Let's keep the bids restricted to US dollars only please, or it will be a little difficult to keep up with all the different currency conversions. Thanks!

I will announce when the auction officially closes, and the current highest bidder will be the winner. No more bids will be accepted after the auction ends.

We will personally inform each winner, and then the winning bidders should make a donation to one of these charities only, and send confirmation of their donation to us, which we'll pass on to their author/artist.

The author/artist can then go ahead and create their work!

Please help spread the word to support a great cause!

Timezone clock for those outside the US.

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